Monday, October 26, 2009

be like that's been a few weeks since my last blog. and i do believe i have a few things worth reporting. we've been learning more and more intricacies of this thing we call the human form. it's all quite exciting really. my focus, however, over the past couple weeks (and i am sad to say, but i'll be honest) has not been on life drawing. instead, i'm finding most my time is being spent starring at a computer screen figuring out the inter workings of a building, not the body. time spent on my senior project is taking precedence, and rightly so, but i do hope to divide my time up a bit more fairly...starting now. funny though, how the human form can relate so closely to architecture and's my take, my senior project has been dedicated to the creation of a recording studio. throughout my research, i have learned of all the elements it takes to construct this structure...wall upon wall, air spaces between walls, layers of gypsum board, sound barriers and diffusers...all these things, when figured exactly so, make a space suitable for sound, an environment strictly built for resonance without vibrations. A recording studio is a complex structure, much like the body. There are layers and layers designed to coincide with one another to make up the entirety; all very important elements that make understanding the whole that much easier.

the maniken with a little more muscle

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