Monday, September 21, 2009

What If You

Can I just say, I may have had a slightly skeptical attitude coming into this as I haven't had a drawing class for a couple of years, but dang, this is fun. I've missed you.

I feel I've learned so many things in this past week alone. The figure is an amazing subject to draw. It's so real, and unforgiving, and perfect. It's complex, but simple all the same. To look at the lines and curves of the body...I'm just amazed by the natural design of it all.

I'm learning to really see. To draw what is infront of me, and ignore my thoughts of what I think I want to see. I think that is the difficult part. Everybody knows what the human body looks like, but to really portray it accurately, well, that's the tricky part. And that's the part I hope to get down in the coming weeks.

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