Monday, November 9, 2009

for a reason

cross contour 30 min.

this past week has proved to be what i would consider, a successful one. i went to an open drawing the week before and that seemed to be just the ticket to get me into the drawing mindset...and that mindset continued into the following week. and i liked that.
lots and lots of drawing time this week gave me more and more insight into the human body. my drawings seem to be more knowledge built and because of this, much more successful. i feel the pelvis might possibly be finally falling into place for me, and i like that too.
...still struggling with making the inner structure more predominant than the outline around it, but i hope to work on that and keep it in mind more this coming week. so, i like this challenge as well.
a week full of likes. can't complain.

1 hour

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