Monday, December 14, 2009

The End

last week of class. time flew by. these past four and a half years flew by. and i'm finding it hard to get to the finish line, a bit reluctant to graduate but excited to see what the next step is.

life drawing has been a great closing experience to my college career. having not drawn (in a drawing class) since freshman year, it was great getting back into fine art. having no job (currently) lined up, with no real post-graduate plans, i think i want to get back into doing the things i once loved, hobbies and the like...and especially drawing. creating art is something i miss as i've focused highly on design this past semester in particular. life drawing has been an outlet for me, giving me 3 hours twice a week to forget about all other assignments and focus on something i genuinely enjoy doing.

i've continued expanding upon things learned prior to midterm and my drawings from this last half of the class are definitely stronger because of this. i've actually really enjoyed the details of the body we've been learning in the last weeks...eyes, noses, hair, and especially drawing hands. it's very challenging, but rewarding when you see the results (well, some of the time.) i've gained confidence with my line over the course of this class and confidence that i can draw the human form realistically. sure, things are still off, but i'm able to see much better now, and portray what i see onto paper. my knowledge of the human form has also greatly improved, having nearly no background in this subject matter (even though it is our own) i feel i know enough to make my drawings believeable.

i've learned a lot this past semester and cannot stress how much better i see things now. here's a look at my latest drawings from the semester....enjoy.

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