Thursday, December 10, 2009


head, shoulders, knees and toes.....i've learned 'em all. more or less. this week was a fun one. . . . . honest. drawing the face is pretty complex and challenging but it's a pretty necessary part of drawing the figure. i took to it with an open mind and the outcome was...well, it was definitely a face, i'm just not so sure about the likeness to the model. eye enjoyed drawing the eyes especially. i've learned to draw with line over the course of this class, rather than with shade and value...and this technique i find is great with drawing the facial features. when i drew faces in the past, they often bared resemblance to some sort of cartoonish, while they still may not be spot on, they do look human. and that's a start.

hands are also on the more challenging end of the drawing scale. my first attempt i was not so pleased with, but the second one did manage to show some improvement. sometimes i forget about the basic elements like the three flanges of the finger, and i just draw....but going back to these known structures, i notice my drawings improve. that's one big thing i need to continually remind myself of...seeing what's beneath.

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